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Board of Directors
President - Ryan Vavroch
Vice President - Mark Pokorny
Secretary - Clint Wobeter
Directors - Steve Williams; Jeremy Sills; Joshua Hennings
Associate Director - Matt Werner


General Manager:  Ben Schemmel 
Accounting/Controller: Julie Hyde
Agronomy Manager: Jamie Vesely
Director of Grain: Tricia Freemon 

Dysart Location  


Dysart Staff

Location Manager: Tim Brown 

Grain Administrator: Lyndsey Anderson

Aronomy Sales: Brett Podhajsky 

Agronomy Applicator: Dwaine Freemon; Weston Pippert, Ryan Anderson, Rich DeFauw

Grain Superintendent:  Jim McNeal

Outside Labor: Brent Miller; Ryan McGowen; Tabor Allen; Kelvn Karr (Part-time)

Vinton Location 

Vinton Staff

Location Manager:  Bryan Rodman 

Grain Administrator: Charlee Johnson

Outside Labor:  Tom Schulte; Mike McGowan, Bryce Laton, Tanner Rodman

Clutier Location


Clutier Staff

Location Manager:  Dwaine Freeemon 
Grain Administrator:  Whitney Pokorny 
Outside Labor:  Derek Novotny


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